lunes, 23 de abril de 2007

"Purple Rain" by Prince

Hi again!
I’ve prepared a new webtask for you. This time is about a famous singer. You all may know Prince. Well,…. have a look at my page, go to “my activities” section, and you’ll find the task there.
I’ve uploaded one of his most famous songs for you. It’s just underneath. The lyrics are on the webtask. Enjoy it!

martes, 17 de abril de 2007

"Head, shoulders knees and toes"

I found a funny video so that you can know the song I was referring to in my lesson today. Enjoy it!

sábado, 7 de abril de 2007

A podcast about Shakespeare

The "Bob and Rob show: English Lessons", that is a podcast for advanced learners of English, have a session dedicated to Shakespeare. It's really interesting. I give you the link to listen to them.
This is the audio file.

Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits

Dire Straits, a good music group, wrote a nice song about Romeo y Juliet some time ago. Listen to it, you'll like it.

martes, 3 de abril de 2007

Romeo and Juliet, summary

Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague live in Verona. They love each other, but Juliet’s family heats Romeo’s family.
Juliet’s cousin Tybalt fights and kills Romeo’s friend and cousin Mercutio. Romeo wants revenge and kills Tybalt.
Juliet’s parents want her to marry Count Paris, but she refuses and drinks a potion so that she will appear dead for 48 hours, this way she will wake up and run away with Romeo.
Romeo goes to the tomb and thinks Juliet is dead, so he drinks poison to kill himself. Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo is dead, so she also kills herself with a dagger.

Romeo and Juliet, music video.

Mirad qué bonito vídeo, para conocer un poco el argumento de la obra de Shakespeare. ¡Que lo disfrutéis!

lunes, 2 de abril de 2007

Shakespeare's theatre - The Globe

Have a look at this short video, and you'll have an idea of what it looks like.