domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2007


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Different cultures celebrate a traditional feast called Thanksgiving. We will learn about the one started in the United States.
In 1620 a boat filled with more than one hundred people settled in the New World. After a long time of difficulties, in the autumn of 1621, the colonists were very thankful for the wonderful harvest they got, so they planned a feast. In following years, the colonists celebrated the autumn harvest with that same feast of thanks.
In 1863, Abraham Lincoln asked all Americans to set the fourth Thursday in November as a day of thanksgiving.

Have a look at this web and learn about this tradition.
I have prepared a Web task for ESO. Work on it and enjoy learning.

lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2007

Unbelievable, by Craig David

Again, a beautiful song. One of my students suggested me listening to Craig David’s songs. They are really worth analysing. I chose "Unbelievable"-"Increíble"
I give some grammar notes, vocabulary and as usual, I show you the lyrics with the song underneath and the video. Learn with it and enjoy yourself.
Thank you guys for keeping me updated with the good music.

Would: Conditional. I would know: sabría, conocería. I’d be ready: estaría preparado
Could: podría o podía
Present perfect: I’ve never been: nunca he estado, you’ve always been: siempre has sido
Have got: You’ve got nothing to fear now, or You haven’t anything to fear now.(No tienes nada que temer)
Frequency adverbs: Always (siempre), never (nunca), sometimes (a veces),
Determiners: Somewhere (algún lugar), somehow (algún modo/alguna manera)
Phrasal verbs: Give up (rendirse, dejar de), can’t help (no poder evitar), break down (echarse a llorar, descomponerse, colapsar))
Adverbs: Enough (demasiado, suficientemente) / Too (demasiado)/ So (tan)
Recuerda: “adjetivo + enough” y “too + adjetivo”
Verbs: Feel (sentir), change (cambiar), mean (significar), flow (fluir), fear (temer), hold (sostener), lose (perder), rescue (rescatar)
Expressions: To be in love (estar enamorado),
Noun: Waterfall (cascada, catarata)
Prefix: Un- (no) Unacceptable, unreal, unhappy, unbelievable
Sufixes: -able, -ible, -ble (indica posbilidad) acceptable, noticable, convertible, ivisible, irresistible, believable.

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martes, 13 de noviembre de 2007

you'll think of me, by Keith Urban

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We are working with the lyrics of this song in class these days, revise some grammar and learn new vocabulary with it.

Past Simple/Past Continuous

I’m going to give you the address of an excellent page where you can read about what I’m explaining in class these days. Click here to access:
Have a look at it and bring some examples of this page to our lesson. I will reward it.

sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2007

Notes: Used to / would. Verbal tenses

I give you the links to two webs, with explanations of the same aspects that I’m going to deal with in the next days. Different use of "used to" and "would" to express past actions.
Click here.

Verbal Tenses: You'll find a good graphical explanation.
Click here.

Some grammar revision with Rihanna’s song


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Verbs followed by prepositions:
Search for: buscar
Hang with: pasar el tiempo con…

Learn three phrasal verbs with this son:
Walk out: salir
Take away: llevarse, quitar
Get over with: terminar con algo.

One Verb + gerund.
Keep avoiding: seguir evitando.

Listen to the song while reading the lyrics.